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Writing & Editing Services

Vicki helps art organizations, curators and visual artists to develop language about art that is clear and communicative. She works both one-on-one and in workshop settings. Contact her for assistance on your project. Your questions are welcome!  



Selected Writing

2022, “Overlap and Outliers” from Carnation Contemporary, contributing writer.

Download the PDF below...

...or visit the link below to purchase a copy of the book:

2020,“High Tides,” Tallmadge Doyle, Augen Gallery Portland, exhibition catalog essay.

2019, “Over and Over,” Mika Aono at Lindgren Gallery, exhibition review.


2019, “Trumpa the Hutt,” Justin Stuck, selected essay from Mayor’s Art Show.


2017, “Odyssey of These Days,” Wesley Hurd, exhibition catalog essay.


2017, “Articulate: Write and Speak Your Way to Confidence,” Professional Artist Magazine.

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